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AVS brings a solid understanding of the benefits vacuum wastewater systems can offer for various applications, including: commercial buildings and offices, supermarkets, shopping centres, healthcare, education and sporting facilities, short-schedule fitouts and correctional centres.

Lunch & Learn

We also offer a range of Lunch & Learn presentations on vacuum wet waste, vacuum dry waste and vacuum sanitary systems that can be held at either of our Training Centres in Warriewood, NSW and O’Connor, WA, or at your office.

CPD Course

AVS is a member of the Australian Institute of Architects Refuel CPD Providers Network, offering a fully accredited CPD course on Vacuum Drainage Systems for Commercial Building Sector.

This course can offer 1 formal CPD point and is recommended for architects, designers and hydraulic consultants.

Our CPD course covers the following aspects:

  • A short introduction to Vacuum drainage technology
  • Benefits of Vacuum drainage within commercial buildings: Sustainability – Reliability – Flexibility
  • How to Identify projects where Vacuum adds value
  • Fundamental Elements of a Vacuum drainage system
  • Case studies.

Our fully catered CPD course can be held at either of our Training Centres in Warriewood, NSW and O’Connor, WA, or at your office.

Training Centre

Our latest Training Centre in Warriewood, NSW offers an in depth training experience for key stakeholders in the commercial building market including owners, architects, consultants and plumbers.

Our set up provides a live demonstration of  how the system and its individual components work. Coupled with an overview of the key operational principles and benefits, this training will provide an in-depth understanding of the life of the vacuum system, from design and installation, to operation and future expansion possibilities.


Let us know what type of training you are interested in and we will book you in!